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About Noor Islamic & Cultural Community Center

Noor Islamic Center is a non-profit organization which strives to serve the religious, educational, and social needs of the growing Muslim community of Contra Costa County surrounding communities regardless of their origin, race or color.  Noor Islamic Center relies on your generous contributions in order to perform its day-to-day operations as well as put on special events.



During the early part of ‘80s, the TRC community center was established as a first community center in in Los Angeles County by a local Muslims. It was created to fulfill the community educational social, and cultural needs. The community center was established then under Contra Costa Islamic Center and; was later named Noor Islamic and Cultural Community Center, honoring our first Imams, Haji Sahib Noor. The second floor of the retail area was rented to serve the community at that time. Our current rented space with the number challenges is not able to serve our rapidly growing Muslim community well. Therefore, we are in urgent need for a larger and more permanent facility to better serve our Muslim community.  Fortunately, with the help of our great community including the volunteers we were able to find a location that meets our community needs. This particular location would serve our community well as a permanent location with over a hundred parking spaces and 68,346 sq. ft.

Support You Masjid

We appeal to every Muslim brother and sister to donate generously for the house of Allah. This is the opportunity to earn everlasting rewards and blessings for you and your murhumeen.